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GolfTEC San Diego

October 6, 2011

As I’m still in the early stages of my “blogging career” I want to be sure everyone understands GolfTEC and how our teaching technology and systems help our clients play better golf. I think there is a skepticism about teaching indoors for the obvious reasons that we play golf outdoors and we don’t have the ability to see ball flight.  I have to admit that when I was first looking at moving my teaching career indoors, I was a little unsure about how people could improve as much indoors as outdoors.  What I found early on was that removing the ability to see the ball fly actually helped clients stay more focused on current swing changes and practice habits. Obviously a time comes when clients have to take their changes to the range and the course, but given the correct  swing changes combined with specific practice habits, the transition can be seamless.

GolfTEC’s Five Factors:

Fact Based Diagnosis (the usage of motion sensors)

Sequential Lessons (cause and effect swing philosophies)

Advantaged Retention Tools (clients have the ability to review past lessons online)

Video Based Practice (clients have the ability to practice using our video and motion technology)

Precision Matched Clubs (we make sure all clients are specifically fit for clubs and golf balls)

Please view the following video for a closer look at our teaching studio in La Jolla, CA.

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