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Putting: An Efficient Way to Set-Up to the Ball

October 18, 2011

Putting is an area of the game overlooked by many golfers, partly due to lack of knowledge and partly due to lack of excitement.

I have created a video (see link below) that outlines a repeatable and efficient set-up routine to help golfers set-up to the ball in the correct manner. There are many other areas of putting that I will discuss at a later stage, but having an effective set-up will lead to better results on the putting green. I also briefly mention the importance of having the correct length putter, but again will hold off on the details for now as I will dedicate a more specific post about putter fitting in the future.

Main Set-Up Aspects:

  1. Eyes over the top of the ball
  2. Hands hang underneath the shoulders
  3. Forearms are parallel
  4. Hips sit directly over the heels

Please leave a comment if you find the post helpful and/or have alternative opinions.

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