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Hank Haney Training Aid – Review

November 29, 2011

I recently got the opportunity to test the Hank Haney Path Finder
(HHPF) training aid, which is primarily designed to help
golfers with swing plane challenges.

The aid came with an instructional DVD discussing it’s main swing
plane features and is presented by inventor Hank Haney.  The aid is
designed to help golfers whose swing plane action adversely affects
the flight of their golf shots.  I have listed the pros and cons of
the training aid below, and hope this helps those of you considering a purchase.
For the record, I would not call myself a training aid teacher–in
fact I could count on one hand the training aids I think are effective
and use on a daily basis.


The HHPF is designed not only to help steep swing planes but
also golfers that are particularly shallow in the downswing.
* The feedback is instant as an off-plane swing will hit the
device’s prongs to indicate the swing plane angle throughout the downswing
* The aid can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of plane
positions and challenges. For example, I would start with an 8-inch gap
between the prongs at the beginning of the session, and challenge
clients to reduce the gap by the end of the 30-minute lesson.
* The $99 price tag.  There are many aids on the market that cost
more but provide less feedback.
* From my experience, clients change plane patterns more quickly
with the HHPF than with other devices I have tested in the past.


* The HHPF does not convert to lefty–left-handed version is
available for purchase separately.
* The design of the aid can be confusing and intimidating for the
first few swings. When I was testing it for the first time, I didn’t
feel comfortable making full swings for the first five or so minutes.
* The aid is rather large and not easily stored in our teaching bays.
* It’s a training aid, and should not be relied on, but used as a
tool to help change motor patterns.

Overall, I would recommend the HHPF for all golfers who are looking to
change their swing plane patterns. However, I would recommend working with a
PGA Professional who owns the aid to utilize it in the correct manner.

I invite feedback from teachers, golfers and clients who have
used the HHPF. And if you’re in San Diego and looking to play
better golf, please feel free to contact me at amarr [at]  or
call my teaching center at 858 228 5228.

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  1. November 29, 2011 8:26 AM

    Thanks for posting this because I have been intrigued by the aid and wanted to test it without spending the $100. This review helped me understand it’s effectiveness from a source I trust. Good stuff and thanks again for posting!

    Rob McGill, PGA

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